Gamekeeper PR (GKPR) is a PR Agency specialising in Arts & Culture.

GKPR, established in 2012, utilizes a close network of associate professionals to execute its business, enabling it to run on low overheads and provide affordable PR solutions for its clients. With its affiliated company, Hooks Book Events based in Washington DC, GKPR’s reach extends across the entire North of America.

GKPR comprises two divisions: Gamekeeper Communications (GKC) and Gamekeeper Book Events (GKE).


Gamekeeper Communications focusses on the promotion of creatives such as artists, authors and books; intense short campaigns that usually climax with an exhibition or launch of a title.

GKC will conceive, plan and execute all aspects of the campaign, leaving the artist or author unhindered in the delivery of his or her own project.

With its extensive contacts, GKC has also advised explorers, a number of charitable projects and restaurants.


Gamekeeper Book Events create high quality, customized interactive author-led events for businesses seeking to engage their teams, clients and leadership in a unique and memorable way.

These events feature acclaimed writers of new books on the most timely and thought-provoking subjects.

They are a cost effective way to train, engage, develop and foster creativity amongst employees, colleagues and clients creating a world-class work environment that develops staff, infuses ideas, encourages dialogue and reflects positively on your brand.


Gamekeeper PR can fulfil all your book order needs at discounted prices, competitive to online retailers; even if we have not organised your event, we will arrange book orders for individuals and organisations.

In the process your company will be supporting great independent book shops. And further, these sales will be reported to the Sunday Times and Nielsen for bestseller reporting.

Whether you are an author who needs books at an event, an organization hosting a conference, internal event or book club, we can help you get the books you need at a more than competitive price.